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Furnace Installation

For over 40 years the professionals at Fallaw Heating & Air Conditioning have been a trusted source for new heating unit sales and installation South Carolina.  It has become more critical than ever before to spend time researching who has the best furnace installation in South Carolina.  Whether you own a commercial business or are searching for a dependable heating unit for your home, the most important attribute that everybody can agree upon is that a new unit needs to provide you with value. And when you’re heating system is on the fritz, has broken down completely or you’re looking to install a new heating unit inside a newly constructed building, Fallaw Heating & Air Conditioning is the go-to source for all system installation services.

Our Process for Completing Furnace Installation

Buying and installing a new furnace begins and ends with a professional and proven process that ensures you have the right sized system to keep your commercial building or home properly heated.  Our first step at Fallaw Heating & Air Conditioning is to speak directly with you about your heating needs.  Once we’ve established your goals and objectives, we then move forward to completing a load calculation – to ensure that you search for the right sized system.

Our furnace & heating installations and design team will work with you step by step from the kind of unit that suits you best to the final steps of your heating system installation.  We are fully trained and work with all major heating brands in the market.

Sometimes a heating unit needs to be improved, other times it’s time to have a completely new one installed – especially if you’re moving into a new home or office. Whether you need a brand new system or an upgrade, our specialized estimate team will provide you with the best solution for all your heating installation needs.

We guarantee our support throughout all our installation projects with friendly and qualified service experts that are trained to our highest standards of professionalism.  They are always ready to answer any questions or concerns regarding your new furnace & heater installation or upgrade projects.

Contact us today @ 803-892-2813 and speak with one of professional technicians of furnace installation for an estimate.

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